Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Whole Storyboard

My final 3 act scene. It wasn't until I finished them that I realized I hadn't explained how the photocopier starts working. I was going to add in that the mouse accidentally presses the start button on its way down. The idea was that the mouse falls down into the photocopier after dropping its meal. In an attempt to stop the piece of cheese from being crushed, the mouse juggled it over the machinery inside. Along the way the cheese gets broken into two, hence why the mouse has two pieces of cheese to juggle.


  1. Lev ask the question on the group blog about sites that you can find music and sounds.

  2. Hey Charlotte,

    Well done for uploading the full storyboard - but I suggest you spend some time 'unpacking' the juggling scene - there's lots of opportunity scenes of slapstick peril as the mouse juggles his cheese while avoiding being caught up in the machines - consider montage, for instance; a quick cut to the mouse's feet on the rim of the wheel, cut to the cheese in the air, back to the wheel, then to the mouse's expression, then back to the cheese etc. Try adding some additional texture and dynamism in this way.