Friday, 5 February 2010

Robot Army of Doom!

Before I really forget. Just an article I found in the free newspaper you can get at the train station, 'The Metro'. I showed Alison and she said I should upload it. We both thought it was funny.


  1. I see the robots have already taken control of the media :/

    My personal favourite robot happens to be this guy. He plays table tennis while wearing sunglasses. How cool is that?

    also this cheerful chap...

    Actually, that one is just plain freaky...

  2. O_O now that last one is freaky..... who'd want a robot baby. But the other dude was cool

  3. Let me elaborate on Lev's point there... Who would want a robot baby with a bigger head than themselves. Now that is freaky.

  4. That's a good point to. Plus a body which would come up to what? The waist?