Monday, 5 October 2009


After constantly trying I finally managed to create my dice on the 4th try. The second try, the faces in which the dots would go weren’t even. This meant I had to redo the slicing of the cube. The 3rd try had to come to an end because my texture wouldn’t show up properly on the cube. This was because I had missed a step earlier on in the tutorial.

When it came to create the texture for my dice on the 4th try, I decided to change the colours because I was getting fed up with looking constantly at the red dice. That and other members of the class also changed their dice colours. I’m pleased with the final result as when it came to render I was shown how to make the dice reflect in the surface they rested on.

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  1. I am pleased you realised your mistakes and perservered with the task it shows a maturity within you and a desire to give your best of yourself to this course