Monday, 5 October 2009

Dorian Gray- Original

After watching Dorian Gray on Wednesday after lunch I was pleasantly surprised to find I rather enjoyed watching it. There were a few things about the film that I liked but the main one was the pace. I rather enjoyed the way the film flowed. Although there were times such as when all of Dorian’s friends showed their age because time had fast forward a few years and Dorian himself didn’t it was easy to keep up. I also loved the way they showed the painting of Gray in colour twice. By doing this I found that you only got shocked by the painting once and therefore kept the horror of seeing it with you. However there was one thing with the film I wasn’t too sure about the speed of the speech in the majority of the scenes. I found I could only grasp half of the conversation because the characters spoke too fast. It also didn’t help that they spoke using old fashioned phrases, which although I know what they meant I’m not very familiar with.

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