Friday, 2 October 2009


Listening to: Enya- Sumiregusa
Reading: Northern Lights still.

After I'd finished flicking through the 'Seeing Ourselves- Women's Self-portraits' I thought about what else could be used as an idea for my portrait. One or two of the pictures in the book had been based out-doors and so I started thinking about my experience of the outdoor life. The main hobbies for this part of my life are hiking/camping and cookouts with my friends and Ranger group.

Having been on a lot of camps I thought of the idea of a picture of me inside the tent laying down. This would also be to show that I've also been on a journey. Especially if I did a picture like the sketch of a tent in the top left hand corner. The tents were rather old fashioned with a door at both ends and 3-4 large poles to keep them standing. That meant that both set of doors could be open at the same time.

This would depict a journey for there would be a country side scene behind.This page of my sketchbook was simply a few very rough doodles, not only for ideas I could develop but also to get down certain things I could include in my portrait. The main thing I would include if they worked with the image was some Japanese Kanji. This would be because as I learn Japanese it would show yet another hobby.

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