Monday, 5 October 2009

Spirit Guide

The idea of the sketch was tied in with the hobbies idea. Ever since I was younger I've done a lot of horse riding. Not so much nowadays but I still have the skills there. It also ties in with the fursona theme. Although I don't see myself as a horse as much as I do a wolf, the horse would be my second choice of animal I'd resemble.

This sketch was leaning towards the fursona idea yet again until someone mentioned it being a spirit guide instead. This was inspired by the Native American traditions. As it's been noted in previous blogs that the book I'm reading is 'Northern Lights' which is also based on this idea instead of spirit guides though they're known as demons. Although my first choice of a spirit guide would be yet again a wolf, I reckon I'd probably have one or two. A wolf, a dog and a horse. This would be that they would represent different areas of my life. The dog for protection when I'm at home, the wolf when I'm out in the wilderness and the horse in forests etc.

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