Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Life Drawings- Last Lot Before Deadline

Rather enjoyed this way of drawing, just concentrating on the negative space surrounding the model. In Maidstone I never did something like this, at least not for life drawing. Did once during the 3D section of my foundation course, but there's a difference drawing negative space of 'paper buildings' and real life people.

For these ones we were simply told to draw however we wished and only had about 7 minutes to draw each pose. As much as I enjoyed doing it this way, I don't like these drawings. They remind me that when I draw I tend to lean towards that Manga style. It brings me back to the reason I did a foundation year before advancing onto this course.

This drawing is my favourite. Once again we were given the choice on how to draw the figure, so I chose to have another go at using only the negative space. Plus I think I enjoyed drawing on sugar paper. This made things a little more interesting and challenging because one gets bored with drawing on plain, thick white paper all the time. I was forced to use a darker and softer pencil. Otherwise the pencil marks didn't show up. Overall, even though I felt rather rough that evening, this life drawing class has been the best one so far.

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