Thursday, 29 October 2009

Final Image

Sorry for not posting this earlier. Got home on Friday and completely forgot. That and by the time I had everything together for Copenhagen it was too late to do any blogging. I'll do a separate journal on my trip as I've a lot of stuff to upload to this sketchbook of mine.

But first the final piece. The main idea really is to portray how I feel about being Autistic. The bases of the idea is that I feel trapped by it. The chain, padlock and room represent the Aspergers Syndrome. It is meant to represent that I am chained there and that even though I may leave the room (the worst part of AS) I will never be free of it. The pencil represents the fact that I will try and break free but it will be completly uneffective. I wanted to show vulnerablity by appearing half clothed.

I also hoped to show that as I've been with my AS for so long, it has allowed the wild life to grow metaphoricly speaking.

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