Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Fantasy World

This was designed for a competition for an art website I spend a fair bit of time on. The theme of the competition was 'My Fantasy World'. My idea at first was to have a photo of me sleeping but instead of a bedroom wall, the background would be a mixture of different things ranging from all sorts of fantasy creatures, such as dragons, elves and werewolves etc. Also included would be things to do with my hobbies such as a tent for camping, horse galloping for horse riding etc.

However, I'm not too sure with the way the images are positioned on the left hand side. I would prefer them to have a story like state as if with the right hand side of the picture.

My idea changed when Jolanta offered to take some photos of me working on a prize picture for my friend. At first I wasn't sure what to do with the photos she took as they were rather 'spur of the moment'. But then I realized I could combine it with the contest theme and so I came up with a rough sketch. The idea would be that it would show what goes on inside my head not only whilst I'm drawing but also most of the time.


  1. Interim Review Unit 1: Anatomy 06/10/09

    Dear Charlotte,

    Conceptually, I think your idea re. the struggle to emotionalise expression as experienced by individuals with Aspergers, has lots of potential; I assume, that you must be frustrated at times that people make judgements about your 'inner-life' when your face doesn't always reveal it; people assume there's 'less going on inside' because the face is neutral. This is fascinating and well worth developing further, but I will say now that I don't like your provisional idea with the 'dead eye' and the floating faces - for 2 reasons, 1), compositionally, it leaves loads of empty space and doesn't use the page dynamically, and 2), because the faces you've drawn represent the dreaded 'style-creep' that you MUST avoid; those faces are drawn in a very particular style that can say nothing about identity, because they are too stylised, too 'toony'. I think you're drawing them like that because you are comfortable doing so, but can I suggest, if you are confrontational enough to put Asperger's at the centre of your idea, then be as confrontational and bold about the way you go about it; for instance, how can you visually show the discrepancy between your 'appearance' and the 'reality' of your inner, creative life? I want you to avoid using cliches and conventional imagery by which to express your imagination; yes, you like fantasy, but do we really need to see conventional images of Disney-esque fairies to 'feel' the power and potential of your imagination; consider more abstract ways to visualise your 'soul'.

    The idea of the eye and the four faces feels too depersonalised and like a diagram for a project such as this; take a leaf out of Frida Kahlo's book and put yourself out there; make sure your portrait is about you and not simply about a symptom of Aspergers - you are obviously much more than that!

    Regarding the essay, I really like the idea of arguing that 'surrealism' is actually more 'realistic'; carefully select a series of Kahlo's paintings that will let you discuss the relationship between autobiography/identity and surrealism/reality.

    Finally - your blog; it's getting more interesting all the time, but I still want more from this aspect of your project work; I want to see evidence that you researching and exploring around the theme of your units, and I want you to publish your thinking 'little and often.'

  2. Come on Lev, you need to post, post, post. I see no evidence of work since I saw you last week.