Monday, 12 October 2009

Half Term Crit

After getting the feed back from Phil, I was a little bit confused. However after reading it again this week it all makes sense and I'm not sure what confused me to begin with. Maybe it was all the activity going on around. But as said it all makes sense now.

In the half term critique Phil mentioned about 'you've drawn represent the dreaded 'style-creep' that you MUST avoid; those faces are drawn in a very particular style that can say nothing about identity, because they are too stylised, too 'toony'. I think you're drawing them like that because you are comfortable doing so.' I am aware that the style was too cliché and leaning towards either a Disney' and 'Manga' style, however that was merely because I was sketching roughly, trying to get the idea down before I forgot to do so. If I had gone ahead with that idea, the faces would have been realistic. I'd have avoided the popular styles of Disney and Manga when I created them.

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