Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Photos for Final Piece

I wasn't too sure about uploading these photos as I'm barely dressed in one of them. But then I saw on Farideh's journal she put up photos of herself in her underwear, so now I feel brave enough to upload these. They're photos I had help by my sister taking, to use for my final piece.

Also do we need to have our summer project uploaded onto here as part of our deadline?



    hey i saw this J-Rocj video n thought of ur chain pictures so thought id post it and well done with ur final piece pics im glad i give u the courage to post up these pics ^_^ u shouldnt be afraid of ur pwn body cause when ur half naked ppl stop thinking about u as a person and look at u as an object. look forward to seeing ur final piece on friday ^_^

  2. Hey Charlotte,

    I'd like to echo what Farideh said - but also disagree a little bit too! Firstly - I'm very satisfied by your courage and honesty; it takes guts! But secondly, while it's sometimes true that people objectify the naked human body, it's not always true; sometimes to see the human body in this way is to marvel at it, to be amazed and humbled. It can be a 'pure' thing too!