Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Edward Hopper

When Phil bought this image up on the screen in the lecture on Monday, I was extremely surprised to see it again. Last time I'd seen this image, it was when I was still attending college and doing a separate Creative Writing course. Our writing teacher gave us a black and white version of this image and for homework told us to write about what could be happening in this image.
Both images play on the fact that the viewer want's to know what the person in the image is looking at. Also Edward Hopper is known to draw a lot of hotel scenes. This is because a lot of stories occur in hotels. People come and go and only snippets of their lives are viewed. Once they leave we never know what happens to them.


  1. I once saw all the Edward Hopper paintings in the flesh at the Tate Modern a few years ago. Twas a good day out.

    I love the way he captures light more than anything else to be honest.

  2. Yes that's a point. From what I see of his paintings here they're very bright.

  3. Hey Lev, Thought i would drop by and say hello.

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  4. Bright but very melancholy. Without the 'Morning Glow' or the 'Evening Blues' then the images the wouldn't have the same hidden undertones and meanings. His painting would just be of some people standing in rooms. More than anything else he uses light to create story. In my opinion anyway.


  5. Hmm no I agree, I can see where your comming from. The lighting gives the image an atmosphere.


    Hi Keith

    Thanks, I'll add your blogg to the list of people I follow.

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