Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Sketch Ideas 2

Just some more sketch ideas. These were however drawn before researching into perspective so they won't be as good.

I'm not entirely sure how I came to this idea. I guess I was thinking of the tree image I'd posted the other day, the one from my DoE hike and came up with this. To give it an uncanny feel I added a hand. I think this was a sketch that I drew before Phil said about not drawing humans into our images.I was thinking of the image that was in the lecture on Tableau Vivant created by Anna Gaskell *insert picture here*. The way she suggests something sinister happening by only showing some locks of hair.

The box placed in the centre of this image would have been where I would have cropped it.

This idea simply came from on the train ride to uni. On the side of the tracks, I can't remember where abouts- between what stations there's a gate. Beyond the gate is a small track which goes around the corner and disappears from view because of the building in the way.

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