Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Because I'm struggling to get my perspective right when sketching, I decided to try and find a way of helping me get my perspective right when drawing. I cam upon this which shows where the different vanishing points.

It gave me a clear understanding of where the vanishing point should go.


  1. Good for you, Charlotte! This is exactly the attitude I want from my students - if you don't know how to do something or need to improve - MAKE. IT. HAPPEN!!!

    I look forward to you posting your perspective drawings 'as and when'!

  2. Hi Charlotte, just having a nose through the blogs and this post caught my eye.

    Yes, perspective is very important especially for man made structures but it can be quite tricky to work out and get right sometimes.

    If your doing the interior of a church then you'll probably want a perspective that accentuates the height. Probably a perspective with 3 (2 will also suffice) vanishing points and a fairly low horizon line.

    I HIGHLY recommend borrowing the Feng Zhu: Fundamentals of Shot Design DVD from Alan, he explains the key principles of perspective in a very visual and easy to understand way.

    If you need any tips just drop me a comment on one of my blogs or something.