Monday, 14 December 2009

Sketch Ideas 4

This image was based on an old nightmare I used to have when I was younger. My old next door neighbour has a gate in the hedge. That meant it was easy to pop from our house to hers. In the dream, we (my family and my neighbour and her husband) would be sitting down for a meal. She has a conservatory, which is where we'd all be sitting. Out side where the compost bin was, I'd be shown that there was a BBQ and a plate of food ready to be brought in and eaten. However before we ever got a chance to do anything, there would always be a crash from outside and when we looked, the food and plate it was on would be scattered on the floor. The thing which made this dream scary wasn't the fact that the food was on the floor, it was always because I never got shown what knocked it over. There was never anyone around and there wasn't any wind which could have caused to disruption. I know the table in the sketch is out of perspective and should be bought upwards a bit.

This next sketch was based on another nightmare I always had when I was younger. In this one, I would always be standing in front of my bedroom window, which at the time looked out into the garden. ( room in the new house looks out into the garden to a shed...but that's unimportant). At the end of the garden we had a few apple trees and a very old shed in the corner. I would always dream that I'd be pointing down towards the shed and then I'd move my arm up and down. I'd then see parts of the shed moving on its own. I got the idea that it was me who was making the planks of wood move. Now that I come to think about it,when mum and I went back a few months ago to our old house, the people who had moved in had re landscaped the garden. Not only did the old shed give me nightmares but I would never go into the section of the garden it was in alone. Even though I was older, there was still something about that section of the garden I didn't like. In this sketch I was trying to show that the shed is uncanny because it is in the middle of nowhere. I was also going to have the door open to suggest something sinister was going on.

Once again because I do a lot of outdoor activities with Rangers, I was inspired by Gregory Crewdson's image below. I wanted to show a campfire which appears to be deserted. The rule of thirds is another thing I tried to keep in mind as well as perspective. Another thing I used was where the objects are scattered on the ground, I made them everyday objects people would recognize, such as a mobile phone, an i-pod and bowel.

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