Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sketches 1

I did post this before but for some reason no body was able to view my blogg in Internet Explorer. Just a few notes from my sketchbook. The first few pages are anyway.

This is one of the first few sketches I did of what my final piece could be. I really loved the cropping that Deborah Mesa Pelly used in her image 'The Doll House'. I wanted to try something simmilar. I also then remembered a story I started years ago based on true events which happened one year at Guide camp. I started to re write it a few years later but only got as far as the begining of it. However the tissue box is of great significance. I started the story of as the main character telling the read a bit of what happend int he past. How they had a cold and for once managed to throw something into the bin without it bouncing off the edge and onto the floor. Below is the part I'm talking about and what this sketch was based upon.

'It started roughly two nights before I went to guide camp for that year. After snuggling down into bed, my nose begun to run, as, I was just getting rid of a cold from that week. Blowing it, I then scrunched up the dirty tissue before throwing it into the bin and, to my astonishment; it went straight in, straight through the middle to the bottom. Lying down, I thought nothing of it and I still don’t, I don’t know if it was that even which put my friends and I in the position we’re in now or if it was simply fate.'

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