Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sketch Ideas 3

The sketch above was inspired when Alison told me to visualize a room and how what would make it feel unhomly to me. My first thought was that, as my room is rather open and earthly, that if it were made from metal and machinery then it would become unfamiliar.

Another thing which was suggested I try was to also visualize, what to me would make my home unfamilliar. If my family simply left without warning, without letting me know and unable to return. the image I thought of was an empty suitcase on the edge of a bed. This would be because suitcases are usually full of clothes and other items so for it to be empty would seem a little strange to me. Also I was going to try and give the room a dark appearance to try and hint that to be packing would at such a time would be a little bit odd as well.
The sketch above I came up with when thinking about a busy area and what it would be like to have no one around. Here you have the usual table set up but n one around. I wanted to make the tables seem as if they'd been in use.


  1. it is cool to see that your sketches are improving with the use of perspective.

    keep it up!!