Monday, 9 November 2009

Andy Goldsworthy

As I was re reading the text extract from King Solomon's Mines, the idea came to mind how the path of the mountain would look. The unicorn picture came to mind. I rather like the idea of the steps as part of a trail through the mountain to the 'Palacve of Death'. However, I was rather reluctant to use too much from this picture due to it being a fairytale creep.

I showed Alison the picture and she said that the steps were a good idea, as well as pointing out the fairytale creep. She then asked how I could make it more realistic and the image of Jacob's Ladder from Cheddar Gorge sprung to mind and so I looked it up.

It was this which reminded Alison of the artist, Andy Goldsworthy. She said that he made sculptors from nature in the area he was in and then left them. Searching him up on google, I found a sculpture of what could be mistaken as stairs through the woods.


  1. Goldsworthy is always fascinating to look at, he is by no means the only one doing this sort of stuff, but is probably the most revered. His work always has a sense of scale, and an integration within the environment that always seems plausible.

  2. Also check out geoglyphs and Nazca lines