Thursday, 26 November 2009

Elephant Man Facts

Was talking to Alison in the afternoon, for she was helping me with my essay. Once again (yes I tend to find any excuse to bring in this guy into conversation) she suggested I post some of what we were talking about on the blogg. It started really when I said I was reading 'The Elephant Man' book, based on the film. The book goes into a lot more detail about the characters and what they thought etc. It gave quite an insight to a fair few things. The first one being that Mrs Mothershead, the Matron who assisted Treves in caring for Joseph Merrick was actually influenced by Florence Nightingale. According to the book, nurses before Florence had been noting but drunks and prostitutes. The second is that Mrs Kendal was actually afraid, like many other women of Joseph because of his appearance. But because she was an actress, she was able to hide her true emotions and put on a false smile.

The conversation then led onto how I saw the scenery in this image above. I was saying that the pillars, roof and steps even remind me of machinery. That ties in with the era of the film because it was at the beginning of the 1800's that the industrial revolution came into action. The pillars to me look like pistons and the roof like on you'd find in a warehouse.

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