Tuesday, 3 November 2009


This project has finally became clear to me now. It wasn't until the end of Monday that what I've actually got to do sunk in. At first Alison and I couldn't gather how one of the sentences in my text was to be read. But after talking to Phil, it soon became clear. So now I'm researching into different stalactite formations to try and give me some ideas on how they are structured. I also chose the picture of the bridge as it's the closest I'm going to get to seeing how stalactites might look in the shape of columns.


  1. hi, i'm doing the same folder than you, King Solomon's mines, on my blog is a youtube link to the film from 1937, if you want to have a look. Its really interesting the room with stalactites, somehow not imaginable.

  2. Cool, yeh I tried watching it at uni. But for somereason the computer Alison was using didn't wan't to let the vid play. I'll take a look again thanks.

  3. Also i dont know if you found the book in the library, i didtn so i bought it but if you to just read throught u can do online for free

    the link is: