Monday, 9 November 2009

First Idea Sketches

Rough sketches of what I imagined the outside and the inner of the Palace of Death to look like. I used a book Alison recomended I looked through called 'Wild Things' by Britta Jaschnski


  1. I do like the coloured desert image.... has a feel of Georgia O'Keefe about it..... it would be a better idea to scan your images to get a better quality than photographing them... if your working at A3 then you can composite the 2 scanned halves in photoshop... takes some more time bur is def worth it in regards to presentation and also the ability to then use it as a basis for a painting etc.

  2. True, I really do need to set the scanner up on my laptop so I can use it. It only works on the downstairs computer at the moment and that one is slow. And has a mind of its own -_-. And yeh Alison loved that one to. She was staring at it for about 5 minutes before moving on and even then she returned to it