Sunday, 29 November 2009


For Maya, I wasn't planning on hitting so many difficulties. Because of this my timing was thrown out completely. The main problem I had was when I was following tutorial 16. It seemed that anything I did lead to a mistake. The majority of the mistakes were due to the UV's. Whatever I mapped, somehow something was either added into the projector's view or I missed something out.

Although I haven't completed the work, I am pleased in as much as I was able to work through the difficulties and resolve the problems no matter how tough they got. This is a learning experience for me and in future I will start work sooner so that I can then build in contingency to cater for any problems.


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  2. Hi Charlotte,

    Looks like you didn't quite get as far as you hoped. Perhaps an element of time allocation vs problem solving. It generally takes twice as long as you think to do anything in CG so make sure you put aside some extra time. Good luck in the next project.