Monday, 30 November 2009

Gregory Crewdson

Phil was right. Gregory Crewdson's work is amazing.

As much as I love the feel of the image above, I can't help but be reminded of the film 'The Mist' when I see it. Apart from that its a very well created image, The fact that the car has one door open and is stationary in the middle of a cross roads could mean anything. The eye wants to try and find some answers by following the road but there's a mist towards the top of the image, removing any information that might have answered any questions. The time of day also helps to attain the eerie affect. If the image had been taken when the sun was up, the atmosphere would have been completely different. The fact that the car is also the only one there also helps to create the atmosphere. The mind wants to know what sinister event happened.

The lighting in this image is cleverly placed. The mind instantly comes to one assumption. That whatever is creating the light is out of this world. A godly being with superior intelligence to ours. However because of the positioning of the telephone pole and greenery, answers to questions the brain composes can not be answered.

The two images above are another technique used to create a tableau vivant. The people are staring out into the distance and the viewer wants to know what their looking at. I really like the one with Sissy Speck. In some ways it reminds me of something I would do. The view outside my room is a mixture of nature and the rest of the estate and sometimes I find myself just staring out the window. Also, it wasn't untill Phil pointed out the circle on the glass that I actualy noticed it. It makes one wonder what it means.

I really love this image. Being a Ranger and an ex Girl Guide, nature has always been a big part of my life. I also like the fact that this image is contradicting. As Alison said 'The fact that nothing and yet anything could be happening'. The image is called 'The Difference Between Dog and Wolf 9'. I was having a discusion with Alison about why the photographer gave it this name. One of the reasons I came up with was the fact that, although this scene appears to be very wild and in the middle of nowhere, nobody knows whats on the other side of the trees in the distance. For all one could know on the other side there could be cicilisation. In a different light or even season what appears to be an endlwess plane of trees and wildlife could just be a local woodland area where one would walk the dog. A place where wild canines such as wolves would not populate.

Saw this image and instantly, I was reminded of this one. Although by a different artist the idea is simmilar.

The mind instantly jumps the one conclusion. Suicide jumper. But are they really?

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