Monday, 30 November 2009

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

I rather enjoyed the film 'The Body Snatchers'. Although in black and white, the pace of the film is a good speed. It gets straight to the point in good timing and doesn't suddenly just stop at the end. I noticed that the music of the film. It was the classical piano played in the background with the sound increasing and becoming more staccato when danger or suspense is needed. The film also plays on peoples' fears to. It plays on the fear of what if what one knows is safe and tranquil should suddenly change. What if those around us were a part of the evil. What would we do?

The film was released on 5th February 1956. During this time, the Cold War lasting from 1945- 1991 was still raging. America had just came out of the Second World War 10- 15 years befor hand and the continant was becoming affluent. At the time the second period for Red Scare was at large. People were scared that communism would overpower the capitalist order of the USA. The second part of the Red Scare fear was based more on foreign communists and that they would penetrate the government. The film plays upon the deep fear of anything alien influtrating what we know.

My main thought after the film was that, even though I'm tired I don't want to sleep for fear of being replaced.

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    yeah I wached this, and I enjoyed it too :)