Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Silent Ones

I almost typed 'The Cold Ones'....been talking to Alison too much about Twilight ^^;. Well she said that the Silent ones, large colossi would be Arabian. The text also said that they were sitting down. The two males were dressed but the woman was naked. I sketched out some ways in which she could be sitting. Because it said she was sitting but not how.

Out of all of the poses, I prefer the ones in the top corners to the large one in the middle. The one in the middle looks as if she is dancing rather than sitting. The sketch in the bottom right hand corner was what I scribbled down during the lecture last Thursday. A picture of an Arab woman on a camel came up. The headdress she was wearing seemed like a good thing to remember for although the female Silent One is unclothed, it mentioned nothing about wearing head gear.


  1. Do you recall the reason why I suggested they maybe Arabic?

  2. Rather than Arabic per-se, look at Babylonian sculpture, specifically in regards to stylisation,

    Full image:

    I feel it has a certain monumentalism, also like Egyptian art its design is ancient for a multitude of reasons.

  3. Interesting. I prefer the first image to the second though. That second one is somewhat scarey.