Thursday, 26 November 2009


One or two of my pictures contains trees and I know other people who also have trees in their images. So I decided to upload these. They're two different trees, but they were still amazing. The one which is bent right over the path I could literally see coming to life and trying to grab us as we stood under it. The bottom one was also the tree I was telling Alison and Matt about, but whenever I went to show them, i could never find the image. Soon found out I was looking in my official DoE hike. I didn't have my practise hike folder on my memory stick at the time. These were taken on my practise Silver Duke of Edinburgh Hike. Just a tip for the future (and ok not relevant to the project) but if you plan on going hiking, never walk straight through a cornfield with shorts on. Although we had no choice for the path was blocked by weeds.

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