Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Path and the Pit

Just a few sketches of what the pathway through the mountains would loook like as wel as the deep mining pit.Re drew the steps for the first attempt wasn't working. The perspective is out and the angle wasn't quite what I was after.


  1. Whew! I thought we lost you. Good to see you blogging Lev, but you have to enage in posting more, and explaining yourself.
    I know you have looked at various artists to help you understand perspective, shading and such. it would be great if you could share who they are and what influence they had. If you do that greater minds than I (like Phil, Simon and Jackie) may be able to suggest other people to look at. Also who you have researched may help one of your classmates.
    BTW I like the hole, to me it shows depth. Look forward to seeing how you develop the idea.

    See you tomorrow at 9.00, near Noreen's room.

  2. Oh yeh good thing you reminded me. And ~I have to confess, you almost did . Not been a great weekend. But alls better now :). I've asked dad for some help nd I'm going to get him to read my extract and draw whilst he reads. Hopfuly that way I can get some more drawings down.