Thursday, 19 November 2009

Photshoped Sketches

Two of the scenes I chose to draw, now coloured. Used a brush I got off of Deviantart to achieve the pattern.


  1. The subdued colours on the top image have an almost watercolour feel to them, in the bottom one I think you need to consider your mark making a little more, new brushes are fun to play with but should be used to ehance the piece, more often than not the basic selection of brushes are more than adequate, with a couple of specialist brushes to do certain jobs. Also some brushes need to have there settings adjusted to get the best effect.

    just realised I was labouring the point a little there lol.

    I think if you reduce the opacity of this one and use it a guide to build upon you should be fine.

  2. Thanks and yeh, they weren't the final images. #theyt were just the starting point :).

  3. Okay – just a few important reminders for week 10…

    1) !IMPORTANT! Hand-in for Perception essay is Monday 23rd November (Tomorrow!) between 10am and 12pm at the Design Office (Jackie’s office on Lower 4th – just up from the CG Arts Baseroom). Ensure you complete the plagiarism form; if you’ve misplaced it, ask Jackie for a new copy and attach to your essay.
    2) Your crit on Friday starts at 9am in Lecture Theatre 1; we will be reversing the register order – so we’ll be starting with Simon Watts, then Richard etc. There will be a named folder on the Lecture Theatre 1 computer: as soon as you arrive please copy your 3 finished scenes into the folder in readiness for your presentation.
    3) All Maya exercises should be completed for Friday morning so Alan can assess them while you are in your crit.
    4) Upload to your blogs your 3 final concept paintings plus a minimum of 5 preparatory studies for each painting that demonstrate clearly your comprehension of the source material and the representation of space. Your supporting research into source material and for written assignment. All drawings from life-drawing classes. Your modeling & UV layout tasks, lighting & rendering tasks, and first digital set as specified in your technical classes.
    5) Please can you ensure that you have a printed copy of your essay to submit in addition to the digital file on your submission disc.
    6) Also – please ensure you copy 3 scenes and essay file into named folder on computer in baseroom by the end of the submission day.
    7) Good luck! Have a great final week – work hard, be amazing, be successful! I genuinely look forward to seeing your work ☺