Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Character Design Class 4

For our character design class this week we were instructed to draw characters which would be found in a certain place. We were asked to pick a number between 1 and 13. I chose 5 which turned out to be the garage.

This first set of sketches aren't very good but I was at the time trying to think of other objects, other than the obvious which lived in the garage. I based my ideas off of object which my family have in my garage. The pogo stick is one of them.

The second set I tried to refine my ideas for the pogo stick and the car design. The pogo stick I imagined being very hyperactive to fit the fact that its used for bouncing. A Tigger like character. The car I could see being female. The bike, toolbox and other images were just rough ideas to visually see what could also be kept in a garage.

After Justin looked over them he then showed me one or two things I could do to improve their characteristics to make them really distinctive. The first was with the tool box. He suggested to really exaggerate the mean appearance of it by adding in a mouth and showing teeth made out of tools from inside. He also said I could really exaggerate the shape of the lid to look like eyebrows to give it more expression.

For the bike, as it was for a paper boy, he suggested exaggerating the handle bars. I them came up with the idea for having a basket for a mouth. This soon gave the bike a 'puppy' like appearance. The mud guard would be used for a tail and the breaks as eyebrows.

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