Monday, 18 October 2010


The other night dad and I helped one of my friends write an essay for her foundation course work. During a part of the conversation, the artist Hundertwasser came up as one of the artists who inspire her and her work. Upon hearing of him and seeing his work I thought I'd do a blog post to share some of the images he painted.

Hundertwasser is one of the best known Austrian artists. He was born on the 15th December 1928 and died on 19th February 2000. He started painting after the second world war. His work usually consists of bright colours, organic forms and a strong individualism. He very rarely uses straight lines. It is this I rather like about his work, how abstract it looks.


  1. I love Hundertwasser! I based one of my projects around his work, and ended up making a sarong, decorated in recycled plastic bags! :) I will post a picture, if I can still find it...
    oh, by the way, he was Austrian, not Australian! :)

  2. Agh I got a bit confussd then, though it'd explain how he was in with the Hitler Youth XD. I'll change that XD. And really that would be cool :)