Monday, 11 October 2010

Doctor Who- Live

I went to see Doctor Who live yesterday at Wembley Arena, with two friends from Rangers. Was a rather fun day out, from getting lost to back on track and then getting off at the wrong bus stop only later to get off at the right one. It was amazing to see so many people dressed up as the Doctor and as a Dalek.

The concert consisted of music from the TV show, which was conducted by Murray Gold and also had live video clips of the Doctor in the TARDIS. Each alien which was bought on stage had their own theme. The concert was a short musical with a variety of different monsters from different episodes. The entire show followed a basic plot line of a character known as Vorgenson, a travelling showman how claims to have dreamt up and built a machine called the minimizer. The minimizer has the power to capture aliens and keep them in a prison so that the owner has the power the bring aliens out and put them back in. After being captured and bought to 2010, Winston Churchill phones the Doctor to ask for help to get back home. As the year that Winston was bought to the future from was a set point in time, the Doctor takes immediate action. However upon arriving at the arena the Doctor is captured by Vorgenson and put into the minimizer. With the Doctor captured and the miimizer being too advanced in technology to be built by the showman- how is an audience to survive the dangers and terror that awaits them when the truth is revealed?

After the concert, one of my friends pointed out two boys in Dalek costumes. There was one in a bronze Dalek costume and the other in a black one. The one in black was running down the stone steps outside the arena and almost fell down the last few steps. My other friend then pointed out that Daleks really can’t handle stairs, regardless of their ability to hover.

Overall it was worth going and I would recommend it to any Doctor Who fans.

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