Friday, 22 October 2010

Essay Question

Seeing as I'm basing my essay on Moulin Rouge, a rough idea would be to look at death of the author, Roland Barthes. My question I'll be aiming to answer in my essay as well as argue would be

'Is the author dead in Moulin Rouge?'


  1. Charlotte, can you re-phrase the above please... I am not 100% sure what you mean - are you looking at the actual death of the author, Roland Barthes? If so, I'm not sure this is really relevant to Moulin Rouge! :)

    Other than that, I think the 'author', in this case the writer/director Baz Luhrmann, was aware that the reader would be experiencing the film differently, dependent on their own experiences, so I'm not sure that the question will work - Phil - what do you think??
    We will talk about it on Monday - do you have a group meeting?

  2. Ok though I'm pretty sure it is relevant. However I'll talk to you about it on Monday. As for group meeting I'm not sure. I think we do though.

  3. Hey Lev,

    Okay - is it your intention to use Moulin Rouge! to exemplify Barthes' idea re. The Death of the Author as postmodern 'symptom'? If so, you would first need to demonstrate your understanding of the idea and then go onto prove how Moulin Rouge! illustrates it?

    Or are you looking to argue that the author of Moulin Rouge! (i.e. the director) is 'dead' because his film is free to be collaged, fragmented and reframed? I think you mean the first idea?

    Can you clarify?

  4. To be honest I'm not sure myself. That was a basis for a question or an argument.