Thursday, 7 October 2010

Narrative- Rough Story Boards

After our group meeting on last Wednesday it was decided that everyone would plan out a rough storyboard. On the following Monday we would then compare them and then plan out an 'official storyboard' based on every one's ideas.

This is my idea on what the first section of the trailer would be like, or mainly the shots. The camera hovers over Mars, showing the two moons to the spaceship. An astronaut steps out and the camera follows them to a large crater. When the astronaut looks into the crater he is attacked by the blob. Although not all of the shots in my storyboard were agreed with, the first shot, showing Mars' two moons was.

Also in the corner I jotted down some page numbers from the book 'Setting Your Shots'

so that I could show them to my group. Using this we could then start to get the camera moves and angles of our official storyboard right.

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