Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Character Design Class 1 and 3

For this weeks Character Design lesson we were shown how shapes are used in 3D rather than 2D to define characters. Instead of suing circles, one would use spheres, pyramids instead of triangles and cubes instead of squares. We were handed out a piece of card with a male character on and then told to draw what shapes we saw. Once we'd done that we then swapped characters and drew someone different.

After a break, we were then instructed to re draw the character's we'd just done, only this time we had to make them feminine instead of masculine. To help us, Justin showed us how female anatomy is different from males. Females are drawn using more curvy shapes and delicate features where as men are drawn using sharper and blocky shapes as well as exaggerated features.

There drawings below are from the first lesson, however at the time I didn't know the scanner in the corner was working so therefore forgot to upload them. They're the first attempt at drawing the character's I was assigned. The Hair goth, The Baby Indian and The 50ft Football Hooligan.

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