Thursday, 7 October 2010

Narrative Concept Ideas

In the group project, I've been given the job of coming up with the concept images for our trailer. One of the main images I was hoping to try and portray is the underground cave that the team of astronauts on Mars wonder into. To help give me some ideas, I looked up different underground cave images and put them all into an influence map.

These are the ideas I sketched out. It hasn't been decided whether or not there will be water in this cave, but when I sketched these out my group were playing on the idea of the astronauts finding water. The discovery then would lead onto one of them falling into the underground cave in an attempt to gain a closer look at the water leak. However that idea was soon abandoned as we came to the conclusion that it wouldn't make sense to have water on the roof of a cave leaking upwards onto the surface.

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