Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Character Design- Development

The homework for last weeks character design class was to start getting down some full boy outlines for our characters. The hero, the wolf would be living and real and non robotic. The bad guy, the bear would be a robot and rather large and evil.. However I was struggling with the design of the sidekick. I want the sidekick to have a matron like personality and to be rather large. But I couldn't think of what animal to make her. I was also struggling as to whether or not to make her half robot, fully robot or like the wolf non robotic.

These were a few ideas of which animal my sidekick could be. The main idea I had was a bird of some sorts. This would also help me add in the 'Hairy Goth' aspect of the character.

After asking Justin, he suggested I look up more on my anatomy for animals. Especially bears and wolves as my drawings at the moment are rather our of proportion and not quite looking like what they're meant to be. Justin also liked the ideas of making the sidekick being a large matron like character and we both agreed it would perhaps work better if they were some sort of bird.

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