Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Good Guy- Appearance and Expressions

This is my good guy for character design. She's almost complete in terms of appearance. The image in the top left hand corner was my attempt to draw an anthropomorphic Indian baby. However when I showed Justin the sketches that Colin gave me as well as ones I did myself, I discovered that I only needed to focus on my two genres. That the Hairy Goth, Indian Baby and the 50ft Football Hooligan was only a class exercise. The image in the bottom left hand corner was my first attempt to draw my hero older. Here the hero is now around 13-14 instead of a baby as Justin felt that my bad guy would be too scary for a baby to face. The large on the right is the latest image I have drawn. Around the image are notes I took to help me remember what Justin suggested I add to help finalize my hero.

We were also instructed at some point to make a start on drawing our characters with different expressions. These are just one or two that I put together to help me get an idea of how my character's facial structure would look like. However I did get a little carried away, hence why the body doesn't fit in with the actual character's proper appearance.

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