Monday, 25 October 2010

Character Design Class 5- Acting

For this week Justin introduced us to body language and facial expression.

Our first task was drawing the outline of different poses to see how body language played a big part in character development. He chose two of us as voluntary models to pose in different situations. The first was himself, posing as a strong superhero character. With this we learnt balance of pose. If someone is sticking their chest out in a superhero stance, then their bottom must stick out slightly in the opposite direction. The second pose was of someone who was afraid. It showed that if someone is unsure and don't want to be sociable then they will block their body from view by crossing their arms, looking away etc.

The third pose I don't have a drawing off as I volunteered myself, resulting in having to do stand in a friendly way for a few minutes (very tiring trying to defy gravity). Finally, after trying to volunteer someone else the final model was Godwin, who had to pose as someone who was unsure.

Afterwards we were separated into groups of three. For this two of us acted out a scenario given to us and then the other had to draw the poses. For these, there was a werewolf and a cheerleader and an argument.

After a couple of poses we were again re separated and put into bigger groups. In this one it was the Jeckyl and Hyde transformation being witnessed.

Overall I really enjoyed this session of character design. It was fun having to act out different poses, even if it did mean aching arms and legs afterwards.

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