Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Native American, Wolf and Flower Names

To help me to write my characters' profiles I looked up different names. It was recommended that I used natural sounding names for the hero and the side kick and something industrial for the bad guy. To help me decide a name for the side kick and the hero I looked at Native American, wolf and flower names. The links below are some sites I looked at to not only find the names but to find their meanings as well.

Native American Names
Native American Names 2
Wolf Names
Wolf Names 2
Flower Names and Meanings

Snowdrop: Consolation, Hope
Rosebud (Red): Pure and Lovely
TIVA: Hopi name meaning "dance."
TALA: wolf

There are a few names I rather liked and would consider naming my hero. I am rather leaning to Snowdrop, perhaps putting another word in front, such as 'Little Snowdrop'

GAHO: mother

This one I though could be for the side kick. I imagined it having a wise sounding name in front, such as mother.

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