Thursday, 11 March 2010

Animation Time Line

Although we were instructed to start out time line at Muybridge, I found that animation was discovered thought not fully understood years before.

The early uses of animation were created using a device called a Zoetrope. The first use of this device was used in Chine in 18- AD and was created by a man named Ting Huan.

I also looked up a few animation timelines to help me piece together important animations and animators from the past.


  1. Once again Lev you are just making me estatic with the amount of research and blogging you are doing, keep it up ... you are becoming inspirational.

    Good to see that even though you have looked at Wikipedia, that you are checking your facts using different sources.
    I know you have an interest in all things Japanese, so is there anything or anyone that you think should be on your timeline from the Manga branch of the animation family?

  2. Ooooohh yes, that's a good point. Hayao Miyazaki, gosh I can't belive I forgot him.