Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Character Design

For character design, I looked a a few different styles of hat stands. However I prefer the small one I found in an earlier image as it'd be a lot more challenging for showing emotion. Plus it really reminded me of the Pixar lamps. I could imagine my hat stand moving in a similar way to the small lamp.

I did a few sketches to develop my character. I went along with the single stand which would only hold one hat. The idea for a bonnet rather than an actual hat came to mind when I realized that if my hat stand had an actual hat, they would be loosing it all the time. Plus the idea also came to me when I looked at this website: http://madamesmercantile.com/hats_and_hat_accessories


  1. This is really good charlotte! i love the way you have given the hat stand poses and making the neck bend like that. its really realistic!

  2. They are looking good Lev, keep experimenting wth different poses to show different emotions.