Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Life Drawing 9th March

First life drawing class since Christmas.

I don't really have much to say about these drawings other than they are a lot better than my last lot back in December. It was a little difficult to get back into after having weeks away, but not that much.


  1. Firstly well done on getting your images on your blog so quickly Lev. Secondly how do you feel your life drawings are, have you improved from when you first started or feeling a little rusty because of the break you have had between the last sessions?
    My opinion for what it's worth is the top image I think is excellent, I have seen you draw this pose and become this pose in previous projects So I think you feel very comfortable with it.
    The second I think the prespective is slightly wrong as her legs seems too short for her body, but once again, you have drawn well.
    You should be pleased with your efforts, I am.

  2. Thanks :). I think I've imporved a little but not a lot. As for the top pose, yeh I rather enjoyed drawing it. Although I'm not sure how she managed to stay in that position for 30 minutes.