Friday, 26 March 2010

Phil- Time Machine Essay

I did a post, just before interim critt about what I was thinking for the time machine essay. Thinking about what you said about a subject area which interests me, I rather find the romanticism area of it interesting. I was thinking of using the animation of 'Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron'. It plays a lot upon nature over powering mankind and machinery etc. Would this be ok to write about?

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  1. Hi Lev,

    Your choice of topic sounds fine - because the narrative about nature vs. technology is primal - it's in many stories. However, you should approach your essay intelligently - by that I mean make sure that enough has been written about your chosen film to guarantee a rich source of supporting evidence; first off, i would simply gather together as many reviews/observations etc. about the film to see where there are agreements/disagreements between them regarding the film's themes; you're looking for quotes that support your view on Romanticism (nature imagery etc). You must also ensure that your essay contains a clear theoretical understanding of Romanticism - more than this, which aspect of Romanticism you're focusing on and HOW you're going to use it to discuss the film; see the advice I gave at the interim crit about the proper relationship between your introduction and your main argument.