Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Life Drawings 16th March

I rather enjoyed life drawing this week. This first pose was rather hard to do. The position the model was in and the angle I saw her from was hard.

This second pose was a lot more difficult than i thought it would be. I thought it wold be really easy as the model was simply curled up.

For this pose, we had to concentrate on the shading. We were instructed to forget using lines and simply use tone to depict the shape of the model. Although I can see a fair few mistakes proportion wise, I'm rather pleased with how this turned out. The same goes for the next pose.

This final pose was drawing using the same technique as before, using only the shading to depict the model. However, I really dislike this one. The proportion is completely wrong. Her legs are in the wrong place and she looks as if she's loosing her balance. However I do like the shading on this one.

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