Thursday, 18 March 2010

Morphing Name Animation

My name animation. I chose to use my nickname, Lev as Charlotte was too long. However Lev was too short as the minimum amount of letters was 4. So had to add an extra letter on the end. Chose A because a friend of mine sometimes calls me Levalin (no idea why, I guess its just what she came up with from Lev). I chose the lightning bolt for L because I do like thunderstorms but when a storm is close, I can feel the pressure in the atmosphere changing. My head tends to hurt until the storm arrives.

The Earth was chosen as Jackie gave me the idea to represent traveling. I don't really travel around the Earth, but I do go on a lot of hikes and outings with my rangers group. The violin was to represent the fact that I'm musical. I used to be in a choir and although I don't learn the violin, I do learn the piano. Lastly the UFO and stars for the letter A because I love Sci-fi and anything to do with Aliens.


  1. Looking good Charlotte!!
    I get a headache too, when there is a storm approaching...

  2. Dad does to. I think I must get it from him.

  3. Thats great work Lev, I liked reading about your explanations. I like to know why people make the choices they do.