Monday, 22 March 2010

Essay Research

For my essay research I've been looking at 'The Art of Animation' by Don Bluth. Its been relatively helpful. There's a quote in there that Bluth uses which mirror's Phil's words.

'The story ideas and gags will be better after they are animated. This is absolutely NOT TRUE. Animation will only dress up your material. Good story material can be poorly animated and it will still play for the audience. Bad story can be superbly animated and it will never play. Your animation, no matter how wonderful, can never overcome a poorly written script.'
Don Bluth

Also looked at a few interviews with Don Bluth about his animation.


  1. Not that I'm master essay writer or anything but I'll try and give you some advice. Take it or leave it I suppose. The choice is yours! :)

    Really the trick to writing a good essay is your argument and the tighter and more focused your argument is, the better your essay will be. You're asked to write about an animator but that doesn't mean you have to write about Don Bluth as a whole. Find something specific about his work that you can create an argument/discussion about and can then come to a conclusion about. So for example:

    What are Don Bluth's influences and how can that be seen his animation?
    Who has Don Bluth influenced, how is that evidenced in their animation?
    Whats unique about Don Bluth's style? etc etc

    These questions shouldn't just be a couple paragraphs in your essay, ONE of these types of questions should be your WHOLE essay.

    A 65-70% essay shows that the essay writer knows his subject inside out. He/She can firstly write about idea/theories/techniques as whole but then also has the ability to relate it back to a specific subject.

    Hmmm kinda feel I'm probably getting a bit confusing...oh well. :/

    And yeah quotes. As you probably already know, when it comes to using quotes try to contextualize them as much as possible. In other words, when introducing a quote make it relate back to your essay as much as you can. It's a good trick to learn because it means you're not always binded to using and finding quotes about very specific things.

    Hope this has helped. I'm still learning to write academically as well but all this advice comes from good sources.

  2. Thanks.....hmmmm time to create an argument then :)

  3. Hope that was a friendly joke Matt?