Thursday, 25 March 2010

Life Drawings 23rd March

For the first three poses we had to draw quickly and focus on light and dark tones. I decided at first to focus on drawing the legs and feet of the model. For the second two I was told a style was starting to form. To keep drawing a round outline of the model, but then rather than go around it in a simple dark outline, use lighting and shading to add more depth to the figure.

The second to last drawing, we had to pay attention to the negative space. However I really don't like this one. Mainly because I hadn't fully understood what was being asked.

This one however is my favourite one out of my drawings for this week. After looking at other people's drawings it clicked what was being asked and so I managed to merge the background- the negative space and the model together.


  1. I love the top drawing, Charlotte - somehow it's so expressive of character - really like it!