Saturday, 27 March 2010

Different Animations

On Friday Meg was talking about different mediums used to create animation, such as cut out and paint etc. When she showed that it reminded me of a few short animations I did whilst at Maidstone.

The first one is a mini animation I did to practise getting into the hang of using a program called 'Dragon'. Dragon for those who don't know is an animation program created by animators. It's very easy to use. The animation is created using cut outs of different materials (mainly cardboard and paper) and the backgrounds are ink and bleach. The music isn't that great because we had to create our own. We weren't allowed to find anything off of the internet.

The second one was for my Final Major Project at Maidstone. This time I chose to create the puppets and use stop motion to create my animation. Again I used Dragon to take the shots.

The music could have been better on this as well, however the animation had to make do with me playing the recorder.

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