Monday, 22 March 2010

Enviroment Design Final

My environments for where my animation will take place. I'm not too sure with how it turned out though. I need to work on my watercolour skills. I used to use them all the time in secondary school but haven't used them in ages. However Matt started using them and from there on I had the urge to use them to.

For my animation however I'll be keeping the background in black and white. Mainly for when it is needed. When the environment becomes unimportant, I'll take it out or make it very simple.


  1. It's good to see you starting to develop your own unique style Lev. It's similar to those really nice Blue Cloud paintings you posted a while back which I like so much :) All starting to fall into place then! :)

  2. It is? Hmmmm maybe during the 6 weeks I'll practise using the water colour pencils. Now I know what I'll be doing whilst sitting by the pool in Spain XD