Monday, 15 March 2010

The Mascot- 1933

"The Mascot" is a stop motion animation created by Ladislaw Starewicz. the animation was created in 1933. It is the best known of Stareqicz's animations.

I rather enjoyed this animation. I find it absolutely adorable that the dog went through hell itself to get the orange for the little girl. However I find Stareqicz's animation style very similar to another animator- Jan Svankmajer. Both give objects a strange yet memorable movements. The style has a creepy feel to it, yet not creepy enough for the audience to want to distance themselves from the characters.


  1. Yeah the little dog is very cute, I love the criminal character.

    And good spot! Also very similar to the Brothers Quay style of animation. Can't remember exactly but I think Svankmajer was influenced by Starewicz and the Brothers Quay were also influenced by his work. Terry Gilliam (Monty Python animator) also rates the Mascot very highly. I wrote an essay on Starewicz, though it wasn't that good but I'm a big fan! He is a bit of a forgotten genius...

    Cameraman's Revenge:

    Check out the amazing detail in this one as well:

  2. I really enjoyed the little touches placed in the film, like the clown getting run over by the car, the monkey shoving the old woman out of the box, the chewing contractor and the balloon saxophonist.